OhMyGosh….a new kind of sleeve

A New Kind of Sleeve

A word to describe this season? There can only be one; maximalism. Spring/Summer 2017 has us excited, from the jumbo frills, shoulders and bling, to the no-holds-barred stripes, florals, fuchsias and brights. What’s more, the mix-and-match styling we’ve seen from fashion houses and street style alike has given us the inspiration to drop the usual aesthetic ‘rules’ of seasons past. Want to wear a dress with your favourite pair of trainers? Do it. It really is about where what you like, when you like. Continue reading “OhMyGosh….a new kind of sleeve”

GS Collection – Christmas Gifts for all!

We’ve all heard the saying, giving is better than receiving, and that’s never truer than when you’ve got a corker of a present up your sleeve for your family and friends. Though that’s remarkably easier said than done; they may be your favourite people in the world, but sometimes narrowing down a thoughtful Christmas surprise for them is about as easy as juggling snow. As much as we love them, Christmas shopping for them can be painful, which is why we’re here to help. Continue reading “GS Collection – Christmas Gifts for all!”

Oh Baby it’s getting cold outside…

On Saturday we were walking through the centre and a lady came up to my darling girl (Bear) squeezed her cheeks and shouted ‘it’s like having Charlotte here’….Once I had recovered from the whole incident and Bear had stopped laughing….she loves the attention….I looked at her and realised, unintentionally I have started dressing my little girl like Princess Charlotte and actually she kind of does have a look of George about her (it’s in the cheeks I think?!)

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JR guest blog

Welcome to the launch edition of our brand new life and style blog in which we turn to our special guest, style editor Janet Reeder, to steer us around the top trends of A/W16, with easy wardrobe updates and where to find them at Golden Square.

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Polish Up Your Autumn/Winter 2016 Look

OhMyGosh! stylist Luci Gargan has pulled together the hottest women’s wear trends that made the cut for the GS Collection A/W campaign shoot this season.

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