OhMyGosh…That’s one very lovely baby bump.

I am a baby bore, I am also a complete beauty junkie, so, when I saw Beyonce at the Grammys recently my first thought was ooh what a gorgeous bump, my second was oooh I wonder what creams she’s using.

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Make-up masterclass from Jen Hunter

Written by Jen Hunter

Golden Square is delighted to have hosted internationally renowned make-up artist, Jen Hunter, at the centre.  She not only shared her top tips with us, she also tried some of these out on the team!  In the second of a two part special we finish with how to create a ‘vamp’ look and move onto creating a luminous skin look. Continue reading “Make-up masterclass from Jen Hunter”

GS Collection – Christmas Gifts for all!

We’ve all heard the saying, giving is better than receiving, and that’s never truer than when you’ve got a corker of a present up your sleeve for your family and friends. Though that’s remarkably easier said than done; they may be your favourite people in the world, but sometimes narrowing down a thoughtful Christmas surprise for them is about as easy as juggling snow. As much as we love them, Christmas shopping for them can be painful, which is why we’re here to help. Continue reading “GS Collection – Christmas Gifts for all!”


Halloween has become one of the most hotly anticipated dates on the calendar and it’s no longer just about pumpkins and apple-bobbing. Fashion, food, toys and even beauty products are getting in on the creepy craze this year, here’s some spooky highlights for all the family to enjoy… Continue reading “THE HALLOWEEN HOT-LIST”