Katherine Busby


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Hello, nice to meet you!

Tell us what you want to share with readers of Oh My Gosh?

I started my career as a stylist and have worked in fashion and beauty PR for 15 years. Now, as a mum, I don’t get the chance to wear my glam looks of old (I pretty much wore sequins for 10 years!) but I do like to elevate my everyday and this is what I will be talking to Oh My Gosh readers about. Sharing my favourite style tips and great seasonal updates that will take our simple basics and elevate them. So we can feel great and feel like ‘us’ whether we’re on the school run, going to work or hitting the shops!


What is your definition of style?

I think to be stylish you should always be wearing the clothes, they shouldn’t be wearing you. I think you know you are looking stylish when you get the comment is ‘you look great’ rather than ‘great top’.


Favourite season: Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer?

I like Spring and Autumn! I like the new fresh start to both seasons.


What is your must-have handbag item?

I use Rodial Glam Balm on everything. My skin, my hair, my nails. I love it and carry it everywhere. I always wish I carried a safety pin too. That would be useful.


Signature colour or monochrome chic?

Years ago I had my ‘colours done’ and as a proud ginger I shouldn’t really wear black but I do. However, I am a neutrals kind of a girl – navy, cream, beige, greige…and then a big splash of GOLD.


Who is your ultimate style icon?

I think it has to be early season Carrie Bradshaw. Current syle icons include Sienna Miller, Cat Deeley and Rosie Huntington Whitely…I love all the long hair and long legs look!


What are your favourite stores?

I think M&S is having a bit of a moment especially the Autograph collection. I like H&M and have recently fallen back in love with Warehouse.


What’s on your Autumn/Winter wish list?

Metallic block heeled boots, a pink coat and as many ruffled blouses as I can sneak into the house!

Photo Credit: Daily Mail