Natalie Walker

Tell us what you want to share with readers of OhMyGosh?
I’d like to introduce readers to trends that suit everyone, even the ones that are a little controversial and show them where they can discover such trends at Golden Square.

What is your definition of style?
I don’t think there is one definition for style. I think style is what you make it and it’s all about what the new purchase does for you. If it makes you feel confident and comfortable then you definitely have style!

Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer?
On first thought I want to say Summer, but thinking about it, sometimes it’s way too hot to even think about looking good, so I would probably say Spring. There are so many options! On cooler day, you can go for a leather jacket and your favourite scarf and when it starts to get a bit warmer you can swap your boots for ballet flats.

What is your must-have handbag item?
So I have two handbag must-haves. The first is my Tangle Teezer – having long hair means my hair gets knotted without even having to move! And the second is Carmex Lip Balm. I’m not much of a lipstick lover, so this is perfect for avoiding dry lips throughout the day.

Signature colour or monochrome chic?
I’d say I’m a bit of both! I often wear black or blue jeans with a patterned top of bold coloured blazer.

Who is your ultimate style icon?
I’m going to avoid saying one of the Kardashians because that’s just embarrassing, so I’d have to choose Lauren Conrad. She knows how to dress for every season!

What are your favourite stores?
High street is my middle name! I absolutely live for Dorothy Perkins jeans, H&M is my go to for basics and River Island and New Look are my go to for that last minute ‘Girls Night Out’ outfit. For beauty, Boots is always my go to, but Kiko Milano eyeliner is perfection!

What’s on your Autumn/Winter wish list?
I’m not going to lie I’m on the puffa jacket trend this year and I’m also on the hunt for the perfect jacket poncho cape to wear on evenings out.