Lucinda Gargan

Stylist for Golden Square


Tell us what you want to share with readers of OhMyGosh?

Our aim with the AW16 GS Collection was to show you how to make the very most of Golden Square’s 140 stores and 1000s of brands, to pull together unique looks inspired by this season’s top line trends.


What is your definition of style?

‘Style’ is one of the most incredibly ambiguous terms out there. I absolutely adore my new silver, mirrored, flatform brogues for instance, whilst my dad wants to burn them. Couple this fickle matter of taste with the fact that fashion and trends are constantly evolving every single day, and we have a very elusive beast on our hands.


For me, style is about what speaks to you personally, and what looks make you feel like the best possible version of yourself. If you’re comfortable with feminine-meets classic style a-la-Lauren Conrad, wearing edgy pieces, however on trend, is going to feel unnatural. So I’d say I’d define style as a very personal thing, it’s about embracing and refining the way you look when you feel at your best, taking a little inspiration from seasonal trends as they come.


Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer?

At this very moment, it’s hands down Autumn/Winter. I couldn’t be more in love with the suede camel flying jacket and over the knee suede boots I’ve just bought, and there’s a myriad of knitwear with my name on it waiting to come home with me. Ask me in February however, and I’ll be gagging for Spring/Summer sandals and floaty dresses. Sorry. Can’t choose.


What is your must-have handbag item?

NYX matte blotting paper (available at Boots) lives in every handbag of mine, they’re incredible for refreshing your makeup through the day, especially when you’re the proud owner of a relentlessly shiny face.


Signature colour or monochrome chic?

I’d have to go against both of these and say I’m a colour clasher, and a few mixed up prints don’t go amiss with me either.


Who is your ultimate style icon?

Olivia Palermo. She is the epitome of thoughtfully-thrown together. Every look of hers is so carefully considered, yet she somehow manages to look completely effortless with it. Can you tell I’m a little obsessed?!


What are your favourite stores?

Unsurprisingly, I think Topshop is great and consistently on the ball with creating ranges of top line trends in wearable styles, as well as stand-out pieces such as statement coats or boots. TK Maxx is the best for high-end brands and really good quality pieces at affordable prices, if you’re up for a rummage! I’ve also been a bit of an M&S cheerleader recently, with some really great menswear pieces in their David Ghandi range.


What’s on your Autumn/Winter wish list?

Some statement ankle boots were my first port of call, I grabbed a leopard print Topshop pair as soon as I physically could. I’m also after some sequin pieces, which I’ll dress down in the day over simple tees and trainers. Then there’s always a few coats on the A/W list isn’t there, shearling’s my current fixation when it comes to outerwear.