Janet Reeder

Fashion and style editor of a leading lifestyle magazine / @janetreeder


Tell us what you want to share with readers of OhMyGosh?

The absolute pleasure of buying and wearing fashion. I want everyone to be taken on a journey where they emerge feeling just that little bit more beautiful and confident. It’s really all about you!


What is your definition of style?

Despite the usual generic advice about the ‘classic pieces’ that everyone should have in their wardrobe one woman’s Breton top can be another’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ nightmare. Style is as simple as what suits you and makes you feel a frisson of excitement when you look at yourself in the mirror and think ‘Yesss!’.


Favourite season:

It’s a close call but I’m more for Autumn/Winter and all those lovely coats, boots, fur stoles and dramatic scarves.


What is your must-have handbag item?

My make-up bag. I’m going to buy a glittery one for the run up to Christmas. There’s a lot of them about and they are a very glam accessory!


Signature colour or monochrome chic?

Almost everything in my wardrobe is black and white. I can’t help myself. The variety comes in cut and shape of garments. Cropped black flares and a chic jacket, or a black velvet dress will be my party go-to pieces although I do like throwing an embellished or brightly hued coat over my LBD.


Who is your ultimate style icon?

Patti Smith


What are your favourite stores?

I am more a mix and match person than a devotee of specific stores although I love H&M – watch out for their latest designer collaboration with Kenzo very soon! And I am equally looking forward to Emma Cook who is helping to rebrand Warehouse. My favourite designer is Vivienne Westwood. You can buy a Westwood dress and ten years later it is still in fashion.


What’s on your Autumn/Winter wish list?

I want a pair of animal print ankle boots and a big faux fur scarf that I can wear over dresses for evening and can add a dash of glamour to my coat for daytime.